The worker and the “Cassa Edile”

Our services for building worker

Among the main duties of our institution is to guarantee clearance to workers at People for wage and holiday Christmas bonus, commonly called the provision, mandatory paid each month by companies to the “Cassa Edile”.
The sums which have been set aside are transferred to the payslip so that tax can be paid on it. Contrary to popular belief, these sums are not detracted from the monthly salary, but are in addition to it and are calculated according to the number of hours worked.
Our organisation has to check not only that the companies pay these sums regularly, but also that they correspond to the current salary table in the province and that the hours worked are not less than 8 daily. All companies, including those from outside the province are required to pay for every month to our “Cassa Edile” sums referred to.
Holiday pay, which has to be paid by 15th July at the latest, comes from the funds set aside from October of one year to April of the following, while the Christmas bonus, which has to be paid by 15th December at the latest, comes from the funds set aside between May and September of each year. Many workers do not receive the payments which are due to them because the data we have on them, especially the address, is incorrect.
It is necessary, therefore, that you carefully check that your address, date of birth, tax number etc is correct and above all make sure that any changes to this data after you have registered with us is communicated to the “Cassa Edile” as soon as possible.
It is also very important that you tell us your current bank or post office account number so that you can be paid directly, quickly and securely. Those workers who change jobs or decide to return home have the right to receive the set-aside funds in advance on presentation of documented evidence (declaration by new employer, letter of dismissal, air ticket or other).
In the first week of May the ”Cassa Edile” makes the seniority payments for workers in the building trade. All those workers that during a two year period (running from October of a given year to the September two years later), have at least 2.100 hours registered with the “Cassa Edile” are eligible. The normal hours worked during the second year of the two years period (October to September) are then calculated and the seniority payments are then made according to the table set out in the contract.
In addition, the “Cassa Edile” provides benefits to health and welfare, which can be obtained through the forms in this website. Every year, the workers also receive the Magazine and the log “Agenda” which include the information needed to apply bylaw.
Finally we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the working clothes are delivered each year starting from the month of May.

Payment to the employee:

  • July: amounts paid by your company from October to April (Holiday pay);
  • December: amounts paid by your company from May to September (Christmas bonus);
  • May: APE premium (seniority professional builder);
  • If you change employment or you return back in your country - following the expiry of permit of stay, please get in touch with the “Cassa Edile”.

The payment is by crediting in bank account or post office or, failing that, transfer domiciled (the amount can be withdrawn at any Italian Post Office).


  • always check that your personal data held by the “Cassa Edile” is correct;
  • inform us of your current account or post office account number;
  • fill in all parts of the enrolment form;
  • communicate all changes in your personal data (address, current account number, telephone number, etc.);
  • keep yourself informed.

For further information:

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